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22901Re: [Unity_Games] Looking for a game Group

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  • Josh Bluestein
    Apr 27, 2005
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      > From: "eoneilll" <eoneilll@...>

      > I live in Stow, MA and want to see if there are any open gaming
      > sessions. My husband and I moved here in October from Dallas,
      > haven't found any gamers. Thought I post hopefully someone out there
      > is looking for some new people to join their sessions.

      Well, Stow, MA is SOG territory. Roughly speaking. Of course, SOG
      territory seems to extend down to Hudson, up to Andover, and even into
      Belmont and Chelsea, so we're large and getting larger every day.

      But SOG tends to meet in a few different locations: Sudbury, Westford,
      Nashua, Andover, Belmont. Usually Sudbury and Westford. We used to
      have folks in Maynard, but one of them moved to Andover and the other
      one dropped off of the face of the earth (although, I am told, not

      SOG meets on Monday nights, starting around 7PM and going until
      whenever. We tend to coordinate meetings and the like on the SOG_List
      Yahoo! group, but occasionally announcements of upcoming SOG nights
      make it out to the general list. If you're interested in coming to a
      SOG session, it's probably best to sign up for this group.

      For the record, next week's SOG (5/2) will be held in Westford, and
      the week after that we'll be in Andover.

      We are generally quite nice to new people, and we like a broad
      selection of games. Or, more accurately, for any given game, you can
      probably find someone who likes it.

      Come on by!

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