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22774Re: [Unity_Games] Reminder - Danger Planet - Open Gaming

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  • Kimee
    Mar 31, 2005
      > Danger Planet - Open Gaming
      > Open gaming at Danger Planet in Waltham.

      Ok guys I decided to check this out too late tonight. I am putting it
      on my calendar (in pen) next week for sure. Problem is I guess you
      would say I am a wanna-be gamer. I don't know anyone that games, so I
      don't know how to play a lot of games. Are there going to be a ton of
      people that know each other & frown upon newbies? I have Fluxx & a
      few Looney Lab "card games", but I don't know any board games. I have
      seen Settlers of Cataan played before, so I have a clue.

      So what should a newbie expect? Should I bring something? Anything i
      need to know before going? If someone could email me directions
      privately that would be cool too.

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