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22375Game found: Settlers of the Stone Age

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  • cvonh
    Jan 30, 2005
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      If you are missing a copy let me know. I found it as I was leaving at
      about 12:15 last night/early morning.

      I had much fun as well. I only learned two new games, but one of those
      was War Of The Ring which lasted three hours. Fun, but I think I might
      like it more in the 2 person mode. I will happily play it again
      though. If you didn't get a chance to see David Fonte's work painting
      his copy of it, you really missed something quite spectacular. It
      almost made up for having to team up with Nick, although in the end we
      did manage to make a splendid 1 Ring fondue.

      Oasis was good to learn as well. I look forward to my next playing
      when I will not be in a post-war-of-the-ring fog and may make a better
      run at 4th place than I did this time.

      I had a fun day in general. It was a great deal of fun teaching
      Heroscape. I highly recommend the teaching gig as a way to meet new
      folks. Thanks to everyone for coming out and thanks also to Rob and
      Craig for showing off the new Heroscape expansions. I can't wait to
      get them.

      Constantine (not the movie)
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