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21970Re: [Unity_Games] Announce: Unity Games 9 - January 29, 2005

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  • Brian Stormont
    Dec 8, 2004
      Adam Smiles wrote:

      >You could also try finding someone to carpool with.
      I'd think carpooling would be the best option. There should be plenty
      of people with cars coming from all over the New England area. And some
      of them might be willing to provide transportation to the car-less among
      us Maybe it would be worthwhile to make a carpool list, sorta like the
      UG "games I want to play / games I'm bringing" list. People could list
      what city or area they are coming from and whether they are looking for
      transportation or are offering it.

      Hmmm... it's more than just an idea - I just took the 30 seconds
      required and created a Yahoo database for this UG9 carpool list. The
      data is fairly free-form. 4 things are listed:

      1) What? Do you need transportation or are you offering it?
      2) Who? Who the heck are you and how can you be contacted?
      3) Where? Where will you be coming from, or need to be picked up, or
      driving past, etc?
      4) When? When do you plan on being at UG9?

      Feel free to use it or not.

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