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21962Re: [Unity_Games] Announce: Unity Games 9 - January 29, 2005

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  • Mark J. Dulcey
    Dec 8, 2004
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      >> The new hotel is the Framingham Sheraton
      > Should I take the lack of public transportation
      > directions as a sign there isn't any? Just curious as
      > regardless I think that's too far away for me.

      It is indeed just about impossible to reach the Framingham Sheraton by
      public transportation -- and what little access exists runs only on
      weekdays. The only other option I know of are the rather expensive airport
      limo services, and first you have to get to Logan (possible by T, but a
      pain). And once you're there, there are no sources of food within easy
      walking distance other than the hotel restaurants, which usually run
      limited schedules on weekends.

      Probably about the best option is to take the bus to Shopper's World in
      Natick, and get a taxi from there. Not cheap, but not horrible.

      The change is definitely not one for the better for those of use who don't
      own cars! I'm not putting down the efforts of the UG9 organizers to find a
      site on short notice, but I would not be happy to see this change be
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