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21958Announce: Unity Games 9 - January 29, 2005

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  • Dave Bernazzani
    Dec 8, 2004
      What a turn of events! I've gotten a relative deluge of emails from folks
      wondering about UG9. There is a reason we've been mostly silent. We had a
      little issue with the Four Points hotel for UG9 - they basically closed on
      us without warning. We didn't find out until Mid-November and it appears
      they will be closed for the winter and spring months. We thought UG9 was
      lost... but thanks to the Herculean efforts of Adam Smiles and Craig Massey
      (with help from Pitt The Elf), a new and likely better hotel has been found!
      In two short weeks they called, visited and negotiated with several
      potential replacement sites - and a phenomenal hotel has been secured for
      UG9. The date will stay the same - but the hotel has changed. These guys
      deserve huge thanks - bear hug them when you next see them and praise them
      for saving UG9. I'm not kidding. Bear hug them.

      And so... we are pleased to Announce: Unity Games 9 will take place on
      January 29, 2005. The webpage is at:


      The new hotel is the Framingham Sheraton - right off Route 9 and very
      centrally located to points north, south and west. It has ample parking, a
      slightly larger ballroom for gaming and two places to eat within the hotel
      (J. Witherspoons and Molly Malone's Irish Tavern) as well as tons of local
      area restaurants. Those folks that have been to the hotel says it's great
      (it looks like a castle from the outside - see the picture in the UG9 page
      above - and visit the hotel website linked to from that page).

      Now comes the "fun" part - collecting! The fee for this event has gone up.
      It is now $10 prepay and $15 at the door. See the UG9 page for details on
      how to get your payment in. We are trying to encourage more prepays - and
      paypal is an option for folks that can't make it to local game sessions.
      Please don't wait to sign-up. With the hotel issues we've fallen a bit
      behind and have less than 2 months to make up the ground.

      Get psyched. Get ready. UG9 is coming!!

      Dave Bernazzani
      Wanted: Atari 2600, Colecovision, NES, SNES, Genesis, C64, TI-99
      daveber@... (remove NOSPAM to use)
      http://www.unitygames.org (Unity Games - Eastern MA Gaming)
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