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21930Re: [Unity_Games] [SR] GSG 11/30: Age of Steam, Modern Art, I'm the Boss, Acquire, Money x2

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  • W. Eric Martin
    Dec 1, 2004
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      Thanks for the report, Phil!

      > AGE OF STEAM: Eric-4, Brian, Phil, Mark
      > Earlier in the day Eric sent me an email message requesting that I
      > bring AoS with the new Korean map. As fate would have it, I never saw
      > the email message, but had sent Mark a similar message pushing for the
      > same game!

      That Tom Vasel is good for something, right?

      > <snip> Eric was primarily in the
      > southeast, and around mid-game he stuck his good toe into my area in
      > the southwest. Eric won consecutive auctions mid-to-late game that he
      > used to upgrade his locomotive, which gave him a commanding ability to
      > deliver goods and earn cash.

      The southeast seemed like the place to be -- although if I had won the
      first auction and built first, I would have built exactly where you did!
      Instead, I used the engineer to put a ring around those cities and then
      drove that monopoly for all I could. It definitely helped that Mark got
      shafted on production and many cubes went my way -- but with four cities
      (five including a later expansion) under my protection, I likely would
      have had cubes falling my way no matter what.

      I'd be up for this again next week or one of the other boards, although
      we have to get Whisky Race back to the table soon while I still remember
      the rules.

      Gil and Melissa also fit in a game of Battle Line. I taught them quickly
      before eating, and the game went to the final card, at which point
      Melissa grabbed the third of three in a row, then flaunted all the cards
      Gil was hoping for.

      I'll send directions soon for anyone ready to travel to scenic Blackstone.


      W. Eric Martin - TwoWriters.net
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