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21751For Sale List (including some rare stuff)

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  • AlanRMoon@aol.com
    Oct 31, 2004
      Need to clear out some shelf room for the new games, so I'm selling the

      WILDLIFE ADVENTURE (Ravensburger) - This is the hard-to-find English version
      of this great game. It's mint, but the shrinkwrapping is starting to come off
      the back. $75

      NIKI LAUDA'S FORMEL 1 (ASS) - First auto racing version of the system which
      later became DAYTONA 500 (MB), DETROIT/CLEVELAND GRAND PRIX (Mayfair), and TOP
      RACE (ASS). One of the games that started the whole German game craze.
      Excellent condition. $50

      FORMEL 1 NUERBURGRING (ASS) - Revised version of NIKI LAUDA'S FORMEL 1 with
      an inferior track. Otherwise the same. Excellent condition. $25

      GREYHOUNDS (Hans im Glueck) - One of the best early games from Hans im
      Glueck. Designed by Bernd Brunnhofer (designer of ST. PETERSBURG). Clever betting
      system. Mint in the shrink. $45

      SUPPENKASPER (Mattel Europe) - One of the games from the two years where
      Mattel tried to break into the "gamers market". Designed by Karl Heinz Schmiel
      (DIE MACHER, TRYANNO EX, etc.). Mint in the shrink. $30

      6-TAGE RENNEN (Holtmann VIP) - Very hard-to-find bicycle racing game. Unused
      and near mint. $40

      DOLITTLE & WAITE (Inward Games) - Extremely hard-to-find. Great negotiation
      card game about lawsuits from 1985. Several companies have been interested in
      republishing this one, but no one has ever been able to find the designers.
      Unused and near mint. $50

      HEAD QUARTER (Theta) - Large abstract game with wooden head and pieces. Best
      of the whole series in my opinion. Excellent condition. $35

      WAS STICHT (Moskito) - In the shrink. $15

      DAS REGELN WER SCHOEN (Moskito) - Excellent condition. $20

      CHALLENGE BRIDGE (3M) - Flat box edition. Excellent condition but box is
      slightly worn. $15

      TERRA-X (Queen) - Revised version of WILDLIFE ADVENTURE. Excellent condition.

      WILDLIFE (Ravensburger) - Simple family game from 1976. Not the same as
      WILDLIFE ADVENTURE. Excellent condition. $10

      EL GRANDE w/KOENIG & INTRIGANT (Hans im Glueck) - EL GRANDE is used. KOENIG &
      INTRIGANT is in the shrink. Box is worn. $15.

      OODLES (MB) - $5

      Respond privately. I'll be attending LobsterTrap at the Lord Wakefield Hotel
      in Wakefield next Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (5-7 Nov). You can pick these
      games up there or find someone who will be there to pick them up for you. Or
      you can come by my house in Beverly to pick them up. I'll throw in a free copy
      of EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH to anyone who spends $50 or more.

      Alan R. Moon

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