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21272Re: [Unity_Games] Sparse session report: Go at UG?

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  • Eric Shultz
    Aug 31, 2004
      > This Friday I will have two Go sets with me, as
      > several people have taken
      > a shine to the game. (I'd be willing to meet on days
      > other than Friday for
      > Go playing at Scholars, should there be interest in
      > that.)

      I won't be making it to Bridgewater any time soon, but
      I saw someone brought Go to the last UG and I'd love
      to play the game on a real board. I've only ever
      really played online. I'm somewhere in the vicinity of
      14-16 Kyu, I think. I play via email, rather than one
      of the internet servers, so I don't have any real kind
      of ranking there.

      So, if you or someone else is going to UG8 and is
      willing, please bring your board(s) there.


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