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21270Sparse session report: Bridgewater/Scholars

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  • Mason Loring Bliss
    Aug 31, 2004
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      Hey, all. This will be very brief - I didn't manage to get everyone's names,
      nor take notes about individual games.

      There were many players:

      Al, Jason, Jason (another one), Tina, me, Christopher, Brittany (spelled?),
      Mark, Adam, Gilbert, Nick, Kermit (Chris), Jim. There was also a swarm of
      people that came in for a big Werewolf game, most of whose names I didn't

      There were several games played:

      Runebound, Werewolf, Ra, Goa, Pirates' Cove, Go, Chez Geek, Ticket to Ride,
      Carcasonne, and potentially others I didn't notice.

      Runebound was, as expected, a bit more fun with fewer people playing. We
      had enough people show up so that there were never less than two or three
      games going at a time.

      This Friday I will have two Go sets with me, as several people have taken
      a shine to the game. (I'd be willing to meet on days other than Friday for
      Go playing at Scholars, should there be interest in that.)

      Mason Loring Bliss mason@... They also surf who
      awake ? sleep : dream; https://bliss.dyndns.org only stand on waves.
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