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20783Monthly stats for May 2004

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  • flyingsheep
    Jun 2, 2004
      Some monthly stats for May 2004

      Total games played: 52
      Unique games played: 21
      Total gaming sessions: 18

      Total Gaming Time: 35:14
      Total Set-up Time: 2:08
      Average Game Length: 0:41

      Games played more then once this month (other then Magic):
      San Juan (3)
      Land Unter! (2)
      Basari (2)
      Ticket To Ride (2)
      Alhambra (2)

      New games this month:

      Web of Power
      Ticket To Ride
      Einfach Genial
      Zoo Sim

      Game of the month: Web of Power

      Computer Games played: Age of Wonders

      PS2 Games played: DDR: Jungle King version.