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20373Monthly Stats - March 2004

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  • flyingsheep
    Apr 1, 2004
      Some monthly stats for March 2004

      Total games played: 49
      Unique games played: 25
      Total gaming sessions: 15

      Total Gaming Time: 24:52
      Total Set-up Time: 1:01
      Average Game Length: 0:30

      Games played more then once this month (other then Magic):

      Three times: Star Wars: Epic Duels, Boggle
      Twice: Alhambra, Switch (aka Qwitch), Land Unter!, King's Breakfast, 6 Nimmt!

      New games this month:

      Und Tschuss
      Chez Dork

      Game of the month: OASIS
      It's difficult to choose between Oasis and Attika, and Industria is a close third. I don't say this about many games, but I'd be much more interested in an English version of Industria. For some reason, I prefer to debate the merits of owning a plastic or a concrete factory over deciding between something that produces Strom or Ziegel (just to pick examples at random). The real solution, of course, is to learn German!
      I mention this because I would have had similar difficulties with Attika, had it been in German. One of my minor complaints about the game is the time wasted searching the board for a tile that I may have placed earlier. This process would have been much more tedious in another language. This problem can be offset by using "already-placed" tokens, which I would like to employ in my next play.
      Oasis, then, inches ahead to be the game of the month for March. I enjoy trying to optimize my "offer" to the lead player (and trying to persuade that player to see the merits of this offer), and I'm not put off by the randomness of the cards. I think it's a small price to pay to keep the game moving along.
      Of course, I've only played each of these games once, and they may fall out of favor after a few more plays.

      Computer Games played: Moonbase Commander - fast-paced turn-based artillery game (a la Worms) that plays like a strategy game.

      PS2 Games played: finished Ratchet and Clank 2, started Crash Bandicoot 3 (PS1 game), a Christmas gift.

      This month started off well with new games for my birthday and Matt Stone's weekend extravaganza. Unfortunately, getting sick last Thursday put a real damper on my gaming time.
      My obsession with Alhambra is still going strong - I really got two and a half plays in this month (one incomplete). Epic Duels, Land Unter, and Switch are my sister's current favorites.
      I also passed a test and completed my training to become an official DCI-sanctioned Magic judge of the lowest level. I expect extra points on my geek test at the next UG event!