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194672003 gaming report (impressionistic)

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  • renfurdson
    Jan 2, 2004
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      I don't keep track of my games played. I have a hard enough time keeping track
      my coat and my car keys.

      however, I retain vague and disjointed bits of information, some of which
      pertain to 2003.

      I had fun playing...

      Barbu. But I thik I turned more people off to the game than on to it.

      Carcassone. Gosh I like that game. B&T might be the best expansion to any game

      ever unless you count the Houston Texans.

      Seven Seals. Very engaging. I was disappointed that there were no actual

      Big Boss. Where has this game been all my life? Etage.

      Acquire. After Big Boss, I had to give it another try. I now like it a bunch.

      Balloon Cup. Why does it feel meaner to play a bad card on him rather than a
      card on me? It's the same thing!

      Boggle. Mark Noseworthy is improving at Boggle with all of the speed and power
      of a
      glacier. Remember. Glaciers carve valleys.

      Poker. I finally see how it is fun to sit around all night and fold 19 out of
      every twenty
      hands. The hands you play are so fun. Similar to metal detector.

      Face Time. A prototype by Richard Spoontz involving balancing foam cubes on
      face. I know it sounds silly but it is clever and actually requires as much
      thought as

      500. Craig Massey taught us this simple but exciting game from America'a

      Zertz. As soon as I get a grip on what's going on it's too late. I have mainly
      with Richard Spoontz, and he figures out what is going on one turn before I do
      on a
      regular basis.

      Fantasy Football. First time in a web based league. What a blast. Made many
      agonizingly poor line-up decisions. If I had played Garcia in week 16, I would
      gone to the Superbowl.

      Goals for 2004:

      Play more games with people whose names are sentences.
      Like Adam Smiles.

      Play more Barbu without doing additional damage to its reputation.

      Continue to receive astronomy essays from Bruce L. by email.

      Watch the Patriots beat the Packers in the Superbowl.
      (Craig M. specifically requested to be included in one of my goals...)

      License Spinball. C'mon, one of you guys must have a small manufacturing plant and
      a few dozen idle employees... Matt Horn has already shot the stills for the print

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