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19449Re: [Unity_Games] Gaming Year In Review

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  • Doug Orleans
    Jan 1, 2004
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      > At 07:05 AM 1/1/2004 -0800, craig cribbed:
      > >Bohn Hansa - Lots of promise and excitement about
      > >Bohnanza as a board game. Fell woefully short of
      > >almost everyone's expectations.

      Constantine von Hoffman writes:
      > that's a nominee for my dog of the year award with the caveat that i had a
      > truly great time playing it because of the people involved.

      I enjoy Bean Trader, although it's maybe a bit too random for its
      apparent weight. It has almost nothing in common with Bohnanza (just
      the beans), which is fine because I don't like Bohnanza. It's more
      like a simple pick-up-and-deliver/economic game.

      > what's the worst new game everyone else played this year past?

      Killer Bunnies and Office Scandal were both pretty bad. Maya,
      Dschunke, and Capitol are good games that I just don't like. Mare
      Nostrum, Medieval, and Game of Thrones were all disappointing, but I
      liked Age of Mythology enough to want to play again.

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