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19448Re: [Unity_Games] Stratego Legends

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  • Susan Dohnim
    Jan 1, 2004
      I can see having that reaction on first play, especially if you just used
      one starter set. You can actually get a lot of synergy going between the
      pieces after you've bought two or three sets and done a bit of trading
      (e.g., Elf army, Fungi army, etc.) And, of course, at that point you're not
      looking much up at all.

      I would imagine it's like the difference between two newbies sitting down to
      play Magic for the first time (including all of the painful rules lookups)
      and two non-newbies sitting down to play Magic with decks they've
      constructed, already knowing what all of their cards do.

      Yeah, there's definitely a Magic-esque element to the game, re army
      construction (though thankfully there aren't nearly as many pieces as there
      are cards in Magic) -- if you don't like that, or haven't had the
      opportunity to actually *construct* an army, then it's not the game for you.
      As it is, though, I don't know you've seen all the possibilities yet.


      >From: Constantine von Hoffman <c@...>
      >a lot of chrome that added nothing to the basic game except time-consuming
      >looking up of what this and that piece did. i liked the old stratego, but
      >find it very limited. ymmv.

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