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19439Re: [Unity_Games] Gaming Year In Review

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  • Dave Bernazzani
    Jan 1, 2004
      I'm enjoying all the year end recaps and 5/10 lists from UGers!

      Well, for a third straight year, I didn't keep track (after
      keeping track for 3 years prior to that). But I'm not letting
      that stop me!

      My total games played for 2003 seems less than it was for the
      previous years. I didn't get out to nearly as many game groups
      as I would have liked (and I think I only made 1 very early
      appearance at Mark's GSG which is a shame considering how close
      it is and how I always enjoy it). SSG was the staple group again
      for me (no surprise there) and I missed only 2 weeks in 2003.

      My big spurts of gaming came at the dual 1-week events of the
      Gathering (Spring) and Gulf Games (Summer) where I got in 100+
      games over those 2 weeks (I did track games during those weeks
      for some reason).

      There were 2 all-day Unity Games events in 2003 as well (UG5 in
      January and UG6 in September). I got in a further 25 games over
      those two days.

      As for individual games played... Crokinole tops the list with no
      less than 100 games played in 2003 (the number is likely much,
      much higher) sometimes individually but often with my Croke
      partner Richard (capped by a nice run and eventual championship
      at the 2003 GoF Crokinole tournament).

      Additional games that got 10+ plays include: Catchphrase, Smarty
      Party, Cribbage, Alhambra, Liar's Dice, Wizard, High Society and
      Kings Breakfast.

      Games that got somewhere near 5 plays include: Kalideos, Ave
      Caesar, New England, Web of Power, Amun Re, Edel, Stein & Reich,
      Money, Password, Newlywed Game (I blame Alan Moon for this!), 25K
      Pyramid, Spinball, Coloretto, Showmanager, Mause Rallye (still
      undefeated I think!), LotR boardgame, Members Only, Samurai and
      various forms of Carcassonne (most liked was Carc: Hunters and

      Dave Bernazzani
      daveber@... (remove NOSPAM to use)
      http://www.unitygames.org (Unity Games - Eastern MA Boardgaming)
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