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18421SR: UG6

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  • Tami
    Oct 1, 2003
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      I guess it's time for me to chime in with my UG6 session report.
      Unfortunately, I left my notes at home, and my ability to use the
      computer is somewhat limited by a witch I work with, so I take what I
      can get when I can get it.

      That said, here's what I remember. I apologize in advance to those
      people whose names I've forgotten- I wrote 'em down!

      Expedition- Phil, 2 other guys, and me. I thoroughly enjoyed this
      game- there are a lot of "little" things that you can do to really
      extend your turn. I took advantage of the green "place an extra
      arrow" spaces as much as possible, combining them with closing a loop
      whenever I could. I liked picking up arrows that had been played
      immediately after a green spot, thereby getting a double use out of
      the green spot. Ditto for the red spot.
      My German is rusty, but I'm looking forward to getting my own copy
      and trying to "read" the cards. We decided that this game was
      TransAmerica on steroids.

      A Game of Thrones- Jonathan, 3 other guys, and me. I hadn't really
      heard of this game, since I skip commentary on games I'm not familiar
      with (it tends to confuse me otherwise). I had no idea how long it
      was, but I liked it. Again, there was quite a bit of subtlety
      involved in making your moves. My typical strategy of playing
      the "nice gal in the corner" worked for a while, so I didn't do too
      badly. That is, until someone pointed out I had 5 cities. Then I
      got beat up.

      At this point, it was 3:30, and those of us who had played A Game of
      Thrones were all starving, so we attempted to dine at Naked Fish, but
      they didn't open until 4pm. The hotel cafeteria and lounge also
      didn't open until 4pm, so I watched some folks I knew playing
      Wallenstein (? I think that's what it was called) until someone
      yelled out that they needed one more player for a game.

      Zoff in Buffalo- Jonathan (who I think was also killing time until
      food was available), a 15-year old girl who could've passed for a bit
      older, her father, someone else, and me. This was a cute game,
      although the bits were so small, I was sure I'd lose them. Luckily,
      I didn't lose any, and I think I ended up winning the game with just
      5 cows left. I have no idea what I did, but it was fun. This game
      was interrupted for prize distribution, but we had all just chosen
      the number of cows to put in which fields, so the timing was pretty

      I was one of the lucky few to get a prize, and I picked up Queen's
      Necklace, which I've been debating about buying for some time. After
      prizes were distributed and the cows were put to bed, I got dinner in
      the lounge.

      Settlers of the Stone Age- Phil, Glenna (?), some guy, and me. We
      didn't finish this game, due to several of us wanting to play in
      Sound Decisions. However, the guy had a definite lead over the rest
      of us when we called it.

      Sound Decisions- Phil, 2 other guys, and I were on a team. This was
      a lot of fun, and our team came in 2nd. I now have several songs
      stuck in my head, and even though they don't go together, my mind has
      jumbled them all together. Our team worked very well together, and
      we had fun while we were at it.
      I mean, we all knew that Michael Jackson kidnapped the Lindbergh baby.
      I forget what the real answers were, but I was convinced the one guy
      said Ted Nugent for an answer, and Dead Meeples for another.

      Quandary- Mark, two other guys, and me. This was a great game, and
      the first game I've found where tile counting didn't annoy me. Now
      that I know what I'm doing, I'd like to play Mark again.

      Grape Escape- Zack, Brian, 1 other guy? 2 other guys? and me. I love
      this game. So what if it's a kid's game: it's still fun. They need
      an expansion, complete with a guillotine, a noose, and a dart board
      type thing. It seemed like we had a rather large audience while we
      were playing. Play-doh attracts.

      There were other games I would have liked to play sometime during the
      day, but there's always UG7, right?

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