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18371Re: UG6 Thoughts

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  • Vitas Povilaitis
    Sep 29, 2003
      I should mention other impressions about the event.

      I enjoyed the space. It seemed the right size for the number of
      people. I didn't have any trouble finding a table or a game to sit in
      on. I didn't have to squeeze by people to just browse the games on
      the tables and the games in progress.

      I enjoyed the variety of games. That people brought so many of their
      own games made for a great selection.

      I wish the water was refilled. By the time I came in, I thought the
      water table was left over for some other event, always being dry.

      I appreciate that a pass was made through the room to find lost bits.

      I wouldn't be interested in a two-day event. One day is enough for me
      to catch up with people I rarely see, and meet new people. There's
      enough gaming with the individual groups throughout the year around here.

      If you go to multiple rooms, make it very clear what goes on in each
      room, and that they exist in the first place.

      Perhaps you could have an etiquette FAQ for picking a game, starting a
      game with other people or joining a game for newbies who would be
      intimidated by the regulars here. (Maybe even advice for Rob about
      how to meet new people, instead of the same old SOG people. :-)

      I'd like UG to be a yearly event, and if it happens more often, that's
      a bonus.

      Overall, I appreciated the event and the efforts of the steering
      committee. I hope the negative comments won't overwhelm you because
      if there's nothing to complain about, there's nothing to say -- and a
      lot of people aren't saying much ;-)


      Vitas Povilaitis
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