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18343Re: [Unity_Games] UG6 Thoughts

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  • Mark Edwards
    Sep 29, 2003
      At 06:00 PM 9/29/2003 +0000, Tami wrote:
      >Re: prizes... I've already sent Craig a brainstorm on prizes, but
      >more thoughts come up all the time. <snip>

      Soliciting is always something we can use help with!

      >Re: making it a 2-day event. I sort of like this idea, but my
      >experience with most 2-day events (gaming and non-gaming alike) is
      >that you don't get the same number of people. <snip>

      Yeah that's something we've discussed. There's certainly an argument
      for the "concentration" aspect of the one day event. I'm still a fan of
      overnight events (perhaps because I'm a night owl). There's just something
      about starting a game of Die Macher at midnight that appeals to some inner
      perversity in me.
      I also think that making it a two day event will appeal to more
      out-of-staters, folks that have to travel far enough that staying overnight
      would make sense. I also think there's a subset of the local UG population
      that would actually stay overnight just for the experience.
      And in my mind moving to a two day affair would make it more of an *EVENT*.

      >One thing I mentioned at the event, but didn't mention very loudly
      >(didn't want to be "nominated") was that perhaps when people are
      >trying to find new games, an announcement could be made using the
      >microphone, so everyone knows what's starting and when. For some
      >games, this can be handled via a program (i.e. Sound Decisions
      >starting at 7pm- sign up by 6:30pm; training sessions for Game X will
      >start every hour at table Y). For other games, a simple announcement
      >could go something like: "A game of Ra will be starting in 15 minutes
      >at table Z. They have 2 players, and can accomodate up to 3 more." <snip>

      I think we still need to work on our Starter area, but I don't like the
      idea of using the microphone. Just more noise to tune out (I hate that
      damn Catchphrase thing).
      I think you're on to something here though. Perhaps there should be a
      place for sign up sheets, especially for those that want to get a
      mini-monster game together. That can be tough to coordinate just by
      walking around the room.


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