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  • Tami
    Sep 29, 2003
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      HI all-

      THought I'd take a break from work and chime in with my few pennies
      regarding this weekend's event.

      IT WAS AWESOME! I had a blast, and it was great putting faces to
      names. I wish I had had more time to get to know people, and to play
      more games, but I'm not sure my brain could have handled any more fun!

      A few thoughts:

      In addition to water (I never even noticed the water table- the water
      would have run out MUCH sooner if I had!), what about getting some
      crackers or other "snack" items for people to munch on? I was stuck
      in a position where a game ended at 3:30, nothing nearby was open
      until 4, and that's when the prizes were being distributed, which you
      had to be present to win. (Of course, I probably *SHOULD* have
      thought ahead and brought my own munchies). My guess is that the
      hotel could provide something like a cheese & chips tray around noon
      for not a lot extra- and I'd have no problem paying $10 in advance to
      get that little bit of service (if the cost of the event went up just
      $1, that's $150... if the hotel charges more than that for chips &
      cheese, there's some problems).

      If I can get my act together for the next event, I'll plan on baking
      some cookies and brownies and such. However, maybe we should have a
      table inside the room dedicated to "community food"? That would also
      solve the pizza problem mentioned by someone else.

      Re: prizes... I've already sent Craig a brainstorm on prizes, but
      more thoughts come up all the time.
      Perhaps do a bit more advertising, and solicit games from game
      companies. If you do a small program, you can put real advertising
      in the program in exchange for prizes. Alternatively, you could
      charge for the advertising, and use the money to purchase prizes.
      You'd probably be surprised how many companies would be willing to do
      that... And getting a Cheapass Game, as a "consolation" prize if you
      don't win something in the drawing would probably help with the
      feelings of "gee, I donated something, but didn't win anything."
      (I've done programs for events I've put on in the past, and would be
      happy to help with this... I also solicited prizes for said events,
      so could help with that as well, although I don't have the contacts
      for gaming that I had for bellydancing.)

      Re: making it a 2-day event. I sort of like this idea, but my
      experience with most 2-day events (gaming and non-gaming alike) is
      that you don't get the same number of people. What I toyed with this
      time, but didn't get around to doing was announcing that I was
      staying in the hotel, and would be up for gaming. If we did
      something informal like that, the people who want 2 days of
      spielenvergnugen could have it.
      I'll say right now that if we use the same hotel (or even a different
      hotel in that area), I'll plan on heading up on Friday and staying in
      the hotel (unless I change jobs before then and the new boss doesn't
      let me have the day off). If anyone wants to show up for informal
      gaming, please feel free to do so.

      I don't know what past events were like, since this was my first big
      UG event, so I can't really say whether the room/location/etc was an
      improvement or not.
      I CAN say that it seemed to work really well... BUT it would have
      been nice to not be rushed in putting up signage, etc. Is it
      possible to get into the room the night before to put in signage, and
      to make sure that the tables that need to be doubled up are the same
      height? Also, maybe taping the table cloths down would have been
      helpful- the cloths at the tables I sat at tended to drift.

      One thing I mentioned at the event, but didn't mention very loudly
      (didn't want to be "nominated") was that perhaps when people are
      trying to find new games, an announcement could be made using the
      microphone, so everyone knows what's starting and when. For some
      games, this can be handled via a program (i.e. Sound Decisions
      starting at 7pm- sign up by 6:30pm; training sessions for Game X will
      start every hour at table Y). For other games, a simple announcement
      could go something like: "A game of Ra will be starting in 15 minutes
      at table Z. They have 2 players, and can accomodate up to 3 more."

      If you have a few people who want to play longer games- 18XX, Game of
      Thrones, whatever- put in the program, "18xx at 1pm in area z" or
      something to that effect. Since we now know what the room looks
      like, we can map out the room and have a map in a program. We could
      even have theme areas- word games played in one corner, long games in
      another corner, etc. That way, if newbies wander in off the street,
      they can be directed to certain areas. Of course, the major section
      of the room could still be an open free-for-all like it was this time
      (I saw no problems with the way it worked- I'm just brainstorming
      based on the comments we've seen, specifically the idea of the
      training area).

      Okay- my 15 minute break is more than over- back to work.
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