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17400Re: [Unity_Games] Three Player Games

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  • J C Lawrence
    Jul 30, 2003
      On Wed, 30 Jul 2003 08:42:13 -0400
      Ian Schreiber <ianga@...> wrote:

      > Knizia's "Samurai" plays well with 2, 3 or 4 (and has completely
      > different dynamics with each).

      I keep hearing good thing about that game -- I'll have to find a copy to

      > Carcassonne works as well with 3 as any other number, IIRC.

      I'm told that Carcassonne actually plays best as a 2 player game, tho I
      haven't tried it. For 3+ I tend to like Hunters and Gatherers better
      than the base game. It has more opportunities to be more interesting --
      mostly I suspect due to the fact that you tend to end up with more small
      structures than you do in base Carcassonne.

      > Bohnanza is worth playing with 3. With such a small player pool,
      > trading tends to be a lot more aggressive.

      Yeah, I keep hoping someone will drag that one to GiP.

      > Mystick:Domination and Duel of Ages work equally well with any number
      > of players from 2 to infinity; the sticking point with those is
      > finding enough people who are interested ^_^

      Steam Tunnels also plays very well with 3 (tho best with 2).

      J C Lawrence
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