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17098Re: [Unity_Games] The future of SSG

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  • Dave Bernazzani
    Jul 3, 2003
      Joe wrote:

      > Should I infer any sad truths or dastardly plots into
      > the fact that this past week's session of SSG is the
      > last one posted on the calendar?

      Nope! SSG will continue into the foreseeable future. Pete can still come
      and shake his head and say "that game is just like Carabande!" and Eric can
      still come by and say "Play fast, make mistakes... or we hit you" and you,
      Joe, can still hate Wizard and be forced to play every week!

      We had a big turnout again this week.... At least 14 or so. The Crokinole
      board made an appearance - got in a few good games and a few people that
      don't get to play very often got a chance to sit at the board.

      Pitt brought and showed David, Charles and I a game called MANIKI which I
      thought was great. I think David liked it too. Charles hated it. It's a
      bit like Ricochet Robot (though Pitt likes it much better than RR which is
      not one of his favs) in which you are a circus trainer and have to order a
      lion, elephant and polar bear in a specific arrangement by using a series of
      vocal commands. MA makes the top animal jump from one platform to another.
      NI makes a swap of two animals. Etc. There are 5 commands and some of the
      patterns require a lot of work - MA KI NO LO LO!! First to call it out
      correctly, gets a card and another ordering is set for the players to
      attempt. Great stuff... I want to get this - only Adam Spielt seems to
      carry it (I really should have gotten in on one of those Adam Spielt orders
      recently... if only to get this game).

      Wizard, of course, was played. As was a bunch of other stuff that I didn't
      really see closely. Paris Paris was played. Some form of Settlers? I
      really should start taking notes again!

      Anyway, SSG continues...

      Dave Bernazzani
      daveber@... (remove NOSPAM to use)
      http://www.unitygames.org (Unity Games - Eastern MA Gaming)
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