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17073Q2 Gaming report and Top 10

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  • Matthew Gray
    Jul 1 10:41 AM
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      Q2/2003 Q1/2003 2003 to date Q2/2002
      Total Games Played: 182 131 313 219
      Dfferent Games Played: 114 95 192 125
      New-to-me Games Played: 49 27 76 74
      People played with: 108 73 143 140

      All these numbers are up from Q1, but down 20% from the same period
      last year. It's been a busy year, so a little less game playing.

      Top 10 for Q2 2003

      #10: Gulo Gulo (3 plays)

      As is usual for a #10, this only barely made the list, but it is a
      clever little dexterity game is fun. Additionally, racing wolverines
      is one of the few remaining animal racing games that isn't covered
      already by a German game.

      #9: King Lui (4 plays)

      Great little filler, though I've told Aaron I think they should have
      named it "Jello Cake", after the desert cards in the game. I know
      it's been said, but really, roast chicken and jello cake for
      breakfast? Jello Cake will continue to fill in well.

      #8: Light Speed (7 plays)

      This is an awesome little 2 player game. Technically, you can play
      with more, but it is much better with 2. With 2, the game takes about
      30 seconds to play and 30 seconds to score. With 3, about 30 seconds
      to play and easily 2 minutes to score. It's better with 2. There are
      some interesting variant ideas that spring to mind as well.

      #7: Europa Tour (4 plays)

      I really like this, but am personally waiting for the African and/or
      US version rather than the Europe one. Also sort of in the filler
      category, but with just enough more meat.

      #6: Electronic Catchphrase (10 plays)

      This continues to be the perennial closer. My only wish is that there
      was a better way to make there more "game" here, rather than just a
      fun way to pass time. Ideas ranging from each person doing 2 words to
      two simultaneous devices have been suggested, but none seem to retain
      the fun but still add more skill.

      #5: Coloretto (6 plays)

      This is good with any number, but with 3 it is pleasantly tactical in
      ways that don't seem as readily manageable with more. Despite what
      the rules say, don't play 4 games. It's complete enough as it is with
      1. Unfortunately, I seem unable to win.

      #4: Paris Paris (4 plays)

      I actually like this better than Web of Power, perhaps because I have
      some understanding of this game and much less of Web of Power. I do
      wish the map were a little nicer graphically, but it's passable.

      #3: New England (3 plays)

      I was initially only luke warm on this one, but it has grown on me
      with each play. I'm not sure how much total longevity it will have,
      but my hopes are high.

      #2: Balloon Cup (9 plays)

      One of the big hits from the Gathering, and I continue to enjoy it a
      great deal. I may try playing without the 3-to-1 exchange rule, as I
      think this may create artificially tight games.

      #1: Amun Re (7 plays)

      The biggest hit from the Gathering has remained big. As people
      develop experience with the game the strategies are evolving in
      interesting ways. Very nice. The only issue with the game to me is
      the luck of the draw for action cards, which seems a little too high
      given the very low luck nature of the rest of the game. Next time I
      play, I think I may try the following variant: Whenever you take
      action cards, take twice as many as you should, and discard half of
      those. This has the positive effect of adding some control as well as
      cycling the discards somewhat more rapidly. Another possible variant
      would be to allow once each round (after, or before the buy cards
      phase) to allow a single action card to be discarded and a new one
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