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1703Re: [Unity_Games] Allow me to introduce myself...

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  • Mark Edwards
    Nov 2, 2000
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      Welcome David! I think you're right, most of us are just that extra bit west of you to make things tough.

      But if you're willing to travel, perhaps to a few of the "special" events that come by from time to time, I'm sure you'll have a great time.

      One of the special events mentioned was "Unity Games I" which was an all day event we put together in early October. We gamed all day and had about 44 gamers at one point. If you search through the message archives you can find some reports on what it was all about.

      I also had a "game day" back in August where there were about a dozen folks that came to my house and spent the day gaming and eating. I think I might try to put together another one of those on some Saturday in January (sometime after the holidays).

      We've also started to try to make german/designer/family strategy gaming a bit more of a presence in the local cons (Total Confusion and ConMan). Speaking of which I believe Total Confusion is coming up in February. Something to think about.

      Anyhoot, welcome and I look forward to meeting you somewhere down the road for a game or two.


      David Fontes wrote:

      > Hello all!
      > My name is David Fontes. I just learned about the Unity Games list on
      > rec.games.board. I was very happy to learn of a group of gamers from eastern
      > Mass., but it seems like most of you are significantly _west_ of me! :(
      > <snip>


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