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16791RE: [Unity_Games] Removing That Musty Smell From Game Boxes

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  • Kornfeld, Lewis A
    Jun 4, 2003
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      I once found was asked to temporarily store a box of games is my car which
      was a hatch back at the time. It was July and the games were ripe with the
      odor of mildew. It was a hot July and I kept the windows closed when I was
      not driving the car, and the box was in direct sun light for much of the
      day. The odor started dissipating until it was completely gone in a week or
      two. Since then I have been advised by a chemical engineer that the
      ultraviolet rays of the sun is a very good disinfectant. Try putting the
      games out in direct sunlight on a hot day. Or you can even lock them in the
      car during the summer. There is no chemicals involved and no kitty litter.

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      Sort of on-topic... went a yard-saleing this past weekend (good finds! Two
      Password editions that I was missing were 50 cents each and a couple of
      scrabble sets (not sure if they are complete, didn't care) for 25 cents each
      so I can take the wooden racks and use them for tile-drawing games like
      Acquire). Got a couple of older games that have a bit of a musty smell to
      them (you know the kind...). Any tips as to how to remove the musty smell
      easily. I don't want to spray the components - lots of cardboard and paper
      stuff in the boxes which might be damaged. I've heard baking powder but not
      sure if that's good or just messy. Any tips?

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