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16297Walter H's Top 10 for 2003, so far

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  • Walter H. Hunt
    Apr 30, 2003
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      Well, I rarely have time to get to top 10s, but Dave's inspired me. This
      list includes a few new things I played at the Gathering, along with
      some old favorites that have come out at MVGA.

      So here goes:

      10. Amun-Re. On Dave's list as well, it's a good little Knizia game with
      an interesting bidding mechanism and a nice division into two halves
      that lets you get back in if you lost out the first time. It's not Taj
      or E&T, but I like it.

      9. Europa Tour. Also on Dave's list. I've won more often than lost, and
      played it several times at the Gathering. Yes, it's Rack-O in Europe,
      but I like geography. The best thing about it is that it's quick and
      fun, so it's another in the "filler" arsenal (especially for people who
      have tired of TransAmerica).

      8. Tigris & Euphrates. Still my favorite Knizia game. We played it at
      the recent Masonic games night run by MVGA.

      7. Canal Grande. Got a lot of play during my recent trip. It's 2-player
      San Marco, and I bought it from AS on a recommendation from Scott
      Henshaw. I haven't played the partnership 4-player, but I think that
      there's a board game for that :-) There's one flaw in Canal Grande -
      there's no good way to reply if you don't have one card of the
      appropriate region. It would be nice if there was a wild card or
      preemptive "steal a card" or "cancel a vote" card to prevent someone
      from dominating, but hey, it's only a card game.

      6. Puerto Rico. Never goes out of style. At JerseyDevilCon I sat down
      with someone who announced to the table that he hadn't lost yet (in a
      half-dozen playings). He lost. Just doing my part, thanks.

      5. Age of Steam. Martin Wallace's new game. I haven't figured out how to
      play it well but have enjoyed 3 playings and bought a copy that I'm
      looking forward to trying. If you own an earlier edition with the
      misprinted city hex, Bohrer will provide a label free on request; I got
      the new edition and it appears to be corrected.

      4. Funkenschlag. Still lots of fun, though it doesn't come out much in
      Unity circles since UGers' eyes glaze over at 75 minutes and it's 2 1/2
      hours minimum. The closest most of us get to a crayon rail game these days.

      3. Odin's Ravens. A Kosmos 2-player card game, with interesting twists
      and turns in strategy. Lisa and I like this one a lot, and I can even
      play it (with some simplification) with my 6-year-old. Gorgeous art on
      the cards.

      2. Edel, Stein & Reich / Basari. The card game has some improvements on
      the board game, notably that there's an option you can pick when other
      options are likely to lead to negotiation - and there are some "gotcha"
      cards that keep a player from making the outcome obvious halfway through
      the round. I still like the original board game, but may pick this one
      up as well.

      1. Alhambra. "Stimmt So" with a nice tile-laying system. I played this 5
      or 6 times at the Gathering and will buy it when it's available. It's
      fast and fun.

      Honorable mention: Phoenix, a new game not quite out from Jeux
      Descartes. Use card play to order colored pawns on a little board. I
      want this one too, but it's not available yet :-(

      And yes, Crokinole was intentionaly left off this list :-)

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