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16057SOG Dip: Spring 1904 Results

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  • Christopher Lockheardt
    Mar 31, 2003
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      Scene: Somewhere in a Glekan Observation Blind in
      geosynchronous orbit above early 20th Century Europe.

      (Glix stares into the monitor, listing to one side.)

      Glex: Why are you leaning to the right like that? Do
      you have an inner zenk infection?

      Glix: Am I leaning? I think I am being affected by the
      abnormality in the Earth's gravitational field.

      Glex: What gravitational abnormality? It doesn't show
      up on the sensors.

      Glix: They must need recalibrating. Take a look in the
      monitor. There is obviously some sort of gravity well
      operating in the eastern part of our study area.

      Glex: (Peering into the monitor.) I think you just
      have an inner zenk infection. I don't see any gravity

      Glix: But look at how all the military units are
      bunching up in the east. From the Norwegian Sea to
      North Africa is almost devoid of life, while Trieste
      alone is bordered by six armies! With the sheer force
      of that gravity well, I can't believe the Austrian
      people aren't flattened!

      Glex: They will be, don't worry.

      Austria: Lewis Kornfield
      England: Josh Bluestein
      France: Rob Elkind
      Germany: Mark Towler
      Italy: .chip
      Russia: Phil Alberg
      Turkey: Justin Ryan

      Aeg - Ion: Bounce with Ion 1:1;
      Bul - Rum: OK
      Con - Bul: OK
      Gre - Alb: OK
      Nap - Apu: Bounce with Ven 1:1;
      Ser - Tri: Bounce with Tri 1:1;
      Smy - Arm: OK

      Mos S War H: Cut by StP;
      Lvn - Pru: Bounce with Pru 1:1;
      War S Boh - Sil: OK
      Boh - Sil: Bounce with Sil 2:2;
      Bud S Ser - Tri: Cut by Vie;

      Tus - Rom: OK
      Ven - Apu: Bounce with Nap 1:1;
      Ion - Nap: Bounce with Nap 1:1;

      Mun S Sil H: OK
      Sil S Pru H: Cut by Boh;
      Pru H: OK
      Hol - Ruh: OK
      Den - Bal: OK

      Bur H: OK
      Mar S Bur H: OK
      Wes - Tyn: OK
      NAf - Tun: OK
      Pie - Tyr: OK

      Swe - Bot: OK
      StP - Mos: Bounce with Mos 1:1;
      Fin - StP: Bounce with StP 1:1;
      Bar S Fin - StP: OK
      Bel H: OK
      Nth S Bel H: OK
      Lon H: OK

      Vie - Bud: Bounce with Tri 1:1;
      Tri - Bud: Bounce with Vie 1:1;

      *** Adjudicated with Diplo 2.8.2 ***

      Fall 1904 orders are due Monday, April 7, 4PM. Send in
      your preliminaries!

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