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15008Re: [Unity_Games] Age of Steam [was SR - GiP 02/01/03]

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  • Allan Smulling
    Feb 3, 2003
      Hi Dave,

      AoS has lasted 1.5 to 2.5 hours (or there abouts) over the past 5 plays.

      As for being able to salvage a poor start to the game.... I think it can be done, but you'll probably have to do some serious planning (or at least have a plan) on how you're going to generate income. I think that the only time your game position becomes hopeless is when players have clogged up the board with their own rail networks leaving you little to no room to expand.

      Oddly enough, I've found myself playing against *myself* instead of against the other players. I'm not terribly good at these kinds of games, so I consider myself doing well if my network can turn a profit by turn 4. :)

      Look forward to hearing your impressions on the game when you get a chance to play.

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      From: Dave Bernazzani
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      James wrote:

      >But really I don't think I'd request the game because
      >of my unpleasant experiences of landing in
      >the basement early on and not being able to recover.
      >That and all the math :)

      Uh-oh! Math.. I'm doomed.

      I saw AOS played 3 or 4 times at UG5 and thought it looked impressive but
      wasn't sure it was a game I would enjoy. I've been reading the SR and am
      intrigued enough that I will probably try it sooner or later. Does anyone
      know how this game clocks in lengthwise for an "average" play? Anyone else
      feel there is some difficulty in recovering from a poor start?

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