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15007Age of Steam [was SR - GiP 02/01/03]

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  • Craig Massey
    Feb 3, 2003
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      --- Dave Bernazzani <daveber@...> wrote:
      > I saw AOS played 3 or 4 times at UG5 and thought it
      > looked impressive but
      > wasn't sure it was a game I would enjoy. I've been
      > reading the SR and am
      > intrigued enough that I will probably try it sooner
      > or later. Does anyone
      > know how this game clocks in lengthwise for an
      > "average" play? Anyone else
      > feel there is some difficulty in recovering from a
      > poor start?

      Here's the scoop Dave. Have you tried Volldampf? AoS
      is very similar - the next evolution this style of
      game for Martin Wallace.

      The math isn't that hard - nothing requiring anything
      more than fingers and toes for counting.

      Avererage play lenght - This will be a little more
      variable. The first time through, it is probably okay
      to okay to assume 3 hours for explanation and play.

      Once you have played it - I think it is a 2 hour game,
      though there is plenty of opportunity for analysis
      paralysis to slow the game up. The game will drag
      when playing with "slow" players - we all know someone
      who falls into this category. The game has plenty of
      occassions though where you want to spend a little
      more time thinking about your turn.

      I've played it 1/2 a dozen times and feel this is the
      best game from last year - yes better than Puerto
      Rico. I don't think it will meet everyone's taste as
      it is on the longer side. But it is meaty with lots
      of choice. There is also the potential for high
      screwage which some like and others avoid.

      And right now - if you want to beat Pitt at a game -
      there is nothing better than Age of Steam - he's awful
      at this game. Any chance we will see you in Topsfield
      on Sat.? If so, maybe a game of AoS with Pitt and
      myself is in order.


      Craig W. Massey

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