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  • Matthew Horn
    Feb 1, 2003
      Hey Mike.

      I should mention that this was the first time I tried a hoarding strategy in Traumfabrik and it didn't work well at all. Mike, you should drop by B20 (Cole Hall) some friday nite and we'll take you to school in a few other games, too!

      BTW, for anyone interested, I posted some pie charts with results of Pitt's Family Feud questions on hamsteak's game page (www.hamsteak.com). It's alittle more graphical, and alittle bit rock 'n roll.


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      Hello. I finally got around to signing up to the list after attending
      last weeks UG-V event, which was a blast. Since I appear in a couple
      of the photos on the web site I figured I would introduce myself. My
      name is Mike Keegan and I currently live in Whitman. I have always
      enjoyed playing games, but have just recently been introduced to the
      big world of German/Euro games that are out there. My guide into the
      UG universe was Steve, and we can be seen playing Traumfabrik on page
      three of the UG-V pics. TF was loads of fun, but my rookie game was
      less than stellar. I'll just blame that on some guy Matt who was
      hording all the money. Anyway, I look forward to learning plenty of
      new games!
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