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1436Screwage and Sunday's event

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  • Walter Hunt [ext ]
    Oct 4, 2000
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      > Screwage - another technical term fromt he gaming
      > hobby - maybe we should get Walter to compose the
      > first Unity glossary of terms adding screwage to such
      > classics as weaselopolis, AVF, and others.

      Yeah, yeah, put the technical writer to work. Hey, I'm too busy with Candyland variants. All part of the parental duty, you know?

      > Craig whose hoping to play Taj on Sunday.
      You mean "who's".

      On the subject of Sunday, I'd like to note a few games I'd like to play Sunday:
      San Francisco, Kaufleute von Amsterdam, La Citta`.
      Anyone else?

      BTW, we arranged a babysitter for the afternoon, so Lisa (my _much_ better half!) will be coming, along with two other old MVGAers, so we must be over 40 now! Dave, do you want names?

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