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1433Re: [Unity_Games] B&N Report or Dawn of the Brain Dead Gamers!

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  • Craig Massey
    Oct 4, 2000
      --- Dave Bernazzani <dber@...> wrote:
      > > [Taj ~ poker snip]
      > > I'm likening Taj to Poker with respect to the card
      > > play - again, I don't think that the luck factor
      > of
      > > drawn cards plays a huge part.
      > Ahh... well, most games of poker we play don't
      > involve much card play. Lots
      > of Hold'em and 7-card stud variants - so there is
      > very little actual card
      > play (although a few roll-over games we play do have
      > the Taj feel). It's
      > more a matter of revealing bits of information
      > common information and
      > balancing them against privately held information.
      > I assumed you were
      > talking more on the evaluation / bluffing side. But
      > no matter.

      I guess I was comparing Taj to Poker on the similarity
      of feel around the bluffing and evaluation of others
      cards based upon the the value of the region for them.
      Thanks for clarifying my ambiguities.

      > It doesn't mean I dislike the game, it's still very
      > strong for me. But I'm
      > always less prone to like games where the screwage
      > is heavy. This is one of
      > the reasons I'm not overly fond of Manhattan.

      Screwage - another technical term fromt he gaming
      hobby - maybe we should get Walter to compose the
      first Unity glossary of terms adding screwage to such
      classics as weaselopolis, AVF, and others.

      Craig whose hoping to play Taj on Sunday.

      Craig W. Massey

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