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14085Re: Santa Fe vs. Santa Fe Rails

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  • Joseph Czapski
    Jan 1, 2003
      James listed the rules changes to make in Santa Fe Rails to get it to play
      like Santa Fe:

      > 1) Ignore all arrows on the board
      > 2) Do not use the short line railroads
      > 3) Start everyone with 1 2x card and four city cards
      > 4) No one may use a 2x card on the first turn
      > 5) The total number of 2x cards in the deck equals 2n-1, with n
      > players (you may need to use some of the blank cards provided)
      > 6) Do not use boomtown, 3x, or 4 in 1 cards
      > 7) Use only two of each branch card

      Although implied by #3, it's worth mentioning that the hand size is 5 cards
      in Santa Fe but is 4 cards in Santa Fe Rails. In Santa Fe, you replenish
      your hand back to 5 cards at the start of each round.

      Joe Czapski
      Arlington, Mass.
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