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13173Re: Ricochet Robot standings: October 2002

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  • rsecan
    Nov 4, 2002
      In my defense, when I actually play, I do alright, but I seem to miss
      too many days. What with being an important doctor and all. . .Oh,
      never mind, I just suck. But I'm getting better. . .


      --- In Unity_Games@y..., "Susan Dohnim" <bibadoo@h...> wrote:
      > >From: Ronald J Kimball <rjk@l...>
      > >There's more to the story than this. ookpik and nix342 were
      > >fighting it out for first place until the last few days of the
      month. I
      > >began the month poorly, but started improving again halfway
      through and was
      > >competing with SusanDohnim (Kyle) for third. At the end Dave
      pulled ahead,
      > >while Nick slipped a bit, allowing Kyle to catch up and share
      second, with
      > >me close behind in fourth.
      > >
      > >Ronald
      > There's more to the story than even *that*. I wouldn't say that
      Nick slipped
      > up so much as I had a tremendously good last week. Which brings us
      to the
      > not unimportant tally of those who scored well in the Overall
      division. Yes,
      > there are other ricochet players out there, believe it or not!
      > 17th (515): Susan Dohnim
      > 41st (387): Ookpik
      > 46th (365): rjk
      > 60th (329): Nix342
      > 73rd (290): Socrates
      > Ronald needed a good last day to get into Elite, and he did. Nick,
      on the
      > other hand, caved under the pressure :). My good score is primarily
      due to
      > the fact that I usually have a really really good day . . . or
      finish in the
      > bottom half.
      > I'll also point out that Ronald made the cut for the US team --
      > competing against the smelly Europeans in a monthly 20 on 20 match.
      Any of
      > you that want to join, ask for an invite to the US Talent Pool. I'm
      > that Mr. Fontes has what it takes . . . not so sure about the rest
      of you
      > :).
      > (Now watch me slip to 200th in the rankings this month.)
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