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13151Re: [Unity_Games] Ricochet Robot standings: October 2002

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  • Susan Dohnim
    Nov 4, 2002
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      >From: Ronald J Kimball <rjk@...>
      >There's more to the story than this. ookpik and nix342 were actually
      >fighting it out for first place until the last few days of the month. I
      >began the month poorly, but started improving again halfway through and was
      >competing with SusanDohnim (Kyle) for third. At the end Dave pulled ahead,
      >while Nick slipped a bit, allowing Kyle to catch up and share second, with
      >me close behind in fourth.

      There's more to the story than even *that*. I wouldn't say that Nick slipped
      up so much as I had a tremendously good last week. Which brings us to the
      not unimportant tally of those who scored well in the Overall division. Yes,
      there are other ricochet players out there, believe it or not!

      17th (515): Susan Dohnim
      41st (387): Ookpik
      46th (365): rjk
      60th (329): Nix342
      73rd (290): Socrates

      Ronald needed a good last day to get into Elite, and he did. Nick, on the
      other hand, caved under the pressure :). My good score is primarily due to
      the fact that I usually have a really really good day . . . or finish in the
      bottom half.

      I'll also point out that Ronald made the cut for the US team -- we're
      competing against the smelly Europeans in a monthly 20 on 20 match. Any of
      you that want to join, ask for an invite to the US Talent Pool. I'm sure
      that Mr. Fontes has what it takes . . . not so sure about the rest of you

      (Now watch me slip to 200th in the rankings this month.)

      Internet access plans that fit your lifestyle -- join MSN.
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