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13146Re: [Unity_Games] Ricochet Robot standings: October 2002

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  • Susan Dohnim
    Nov 4, 2002
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      >Nix342 (Nick) rocketed from 7th in September to share 2nd last month with
      >Susan (who might be Kyle), who slipped one spot. Expect Kyle to slip
      >farther as he spends more time playing Hick Hack.

      How did I slip one spot if I came in second, and Dave came in first last
      month?! (I confess, were it not for an excellent last week, I well could
      have *shudder* placed below that "danger" character. He was one point behind
      me at one time.)

      Perhaps I'm not the only one spending too much time in Gacklewack. Though
      I've recently retired, of course :).

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