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12883Re: [Unity_Games] Question about B20

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  • Susan Dohnim
    Oct 3, 2002
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      If you really want to fit in, make sure that you repeat one of these B20
      catchphrases at least once a minute. It really doesn't matter whether you're
      playing the right game or not.

      "Go Nugget!"
      "It's just a bucket."
      "Ryan is a big fat jerk."
      "Treasure Bath!" (I still fail to see the appeal of this one)
      "I am SO LOSING this game." -- should be followed by "He is SO WINNING."
      "Play fast, make mistakes."
      "Blue Horseshoe loooooves Red." -- or -- "SELL, Mortimer, SELL!"
      "It's statistically impossible."
      "I can CLEARLY not choose the wine in front of ME."

      Have I missed any, guys?

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