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12829SR: South Shore Gamers @ B&N - Sep 30, 2002

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  • Dave Bernazzani
    Oct 1, 2002
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      Another fine turnout last night at the B&N for some SSG gaming! We had 8 -
      and numbers seem to be in the 6-10 range these past couple of months which
      is nice. There were a few weeks there where we only had 3 or 4 (but a great
      group still!) and it's nice to know that the turnout is likely to be good on
      any given Monday. Folks back last night were myself, Eric, Tom, Lucy, Dave
      (#3), David, Doug and Pete.

      We started with a game of 6P Kohle Kies & Knete (KK&K). We actually had 7
      but I opted to moderate so that the other players (half of them new to the
      game) could play. The deals were pretty easy going the first half of the
      game until people felt "comfortable" dishing out some deal breaking cards
      later as the action heated up. It was nice to see everyone get into the
      "friendly competition" that is necessary for this game to thrive. Nothing
      was mean spirited but this game was played with a good blend of folks that
      did not take deal making/breaking too seriously and had a fun time with it.
      David took a huge 20M/10M split on a late deal and won the game.

      We then split into a table of 5 (Hare & Tortoise - no idea who won but Lucy
      came in 2nd I think and she was pleased with that turnout!) and a table of
      3. I was at the smaller table with Doug and Dave (#3) for Where's Bob's
      Hat. A close game that came down to the final round - with Doug taking a
      narrow win over myself. Dave had some trouble the last two rounds and fell
      back a bit from the pack. I prefer WBH with 3 to Wizard (which was played
      later with 8!). The game has more swings in fortune than it seems Wizard
      does and the fact that you can take over tricks easily enough allows more
      screwage factor which I find quite fun!

      The last game of the night was an 8 player game of Wizard! I was very
      skeptical about how this would work, but it turned out just fine. I
      wouldn't _prefer_ to play with 8, but it was still good fun and moved along
      at a very reasonable clip. We played as full a game as you could with 8
      (60 cards so we got in 7 rounds). Tom was the eventual winner pulling away
      on the final rounds. There was a big clump of us sitting in the middle of
      the pack during the first half of the game - I think I finished somewhere
      around 5th. We have now played Wizard with every number from 3P up to 8P
      (we played a few weeks ago with 7P). I can say that for 4-6P it is one of
      my favorite (if not favorite!) trick taking game.

      Hope to see everyone next week!

      Dave Bernazzani
      http://www.gis.net/~dber (South Shore Gamers)
      No Refuge? No Kidding! -- IKARUGA 020905