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12341Re: My July top 10

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  • lukecabal1
    Aug 3, 2002
      I am sorry I didn't post before in response to this; this evening I
      thought about it some more and I also want to chime in with Constantine
      that such humor as the stripping and games top-five is inappropriate.
      If we are attempting to have a list where you should not say "fuck"
      because it might make an uncomfortable environment for children or such
      folks, then we certainly should make an effort to not alienate (many)
      women by generating a culture of (predominantly) stereotypically male
      viewpoints. By posting in a form that is humorous to those who have a
      "male viewpoint", and by posting in a way which assumes certain
      behavior and experience is common and accepted throughout the entire
      list, one implicitly makes it more difficult for those who do not have
      that common cultural ground to speak as the post implicitly suggests a
      metric for what is a "unity games list member." I am not saying that
      we are tying people down and gagging them through such behavior, I am
      merely saying we are making it, again, marginally more difficult. The
      sorry fact is these infinitesimals add up over the course of time to
      erode people's voices and in the end perpetuate an oppression which I
      assume most of us consciously feel is something to avoid.

      I do not know if any of you have had the experience of talking with (or
      being) a person who has given up voicing their discomfort and distress
      at aspects of a culture they are choosing to be in because they are
      just too tired to carry the torch any further; often such people
      withdraw from such cultures, or even do not join them in the first
      place due to prior negative experiences with other, similar, ones.
      This is one factor, I feel, that explains the disproportional
      percentage of men in the board-gaming world.

      -Luke Weisman

      --- In Unity_Games@y..., Constantine von Hoffman <c@a...> wrote:
      > oh, this is so much too much information. maybe we could leave a little
      > of the misogyny (look it up, matt) at home next time.
      > At 12:16 PM 8/2/02 -0400, matt wrote:
      > >I have no inclination to compare games to food or music, but I will
      > >compare them to strippers. However, these days I barely play 10 different
      > >games each month, so I will do a top 5.
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