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12329RE: [Unity_Games] My July top 10

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  • Matthew Horn
    Aug 2, 2002
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      Sure thing, as long as you bring your sense of humour!

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      oh, this is so much too much information. maybe we could leave a little
      of the misogyny (look it up, matt) at home next time.

      At 12:16 PM 8/2/02 -0400, you wrote:
      >I have no inclination to compare games to food or music, but I will
      >compare them to strippers. However, these days I barely play 10 different
      >games each month, so I will do a top 5.
      >Like a stripper who is in denial, Traumfabrik wants to be deeper than it
      >actually is. "I'm an exotic dancer, not a stripper". However, she probably
      >isn't hooked on the Horse, and this one always makes me laugh.
      >Puerto Rico
      >Like a stripper that takes a downer before each lap dance and follows the
      >dance with a flaming Dr. Pepper chaser. Pupils too dialated to focus on
      >you when she dances for you. Not much of a conversationalist, but doesn't
      >mind when your hands stray from the path.
      >Fantasy Business
      >Like a great pole dancer who is a lousy lapper. Makes a lot of eye contact
      >when in front of a crowd, but turns into a bag of oatmeal when 1-on-1. You
      >need to be with your friends when you play with this gal.
      >Santa Fe Rails
      >Like a chunky stripper. You just didn't expect much from her, but pound
      >for pound, she can hold her own. Sometimes takes a little too much time to
      >finish, and you can see the (rear)end coming from a mile away.
      >Through the Desert
      >Like an old hooker. Too old to track down, too much goin' on if you happen
      >to stumble across her. Great to talk to, so long as you don't have to look
      >at her. Lots of people turn their noses up at this bag of fun, but you
      >can't help yourself whenever you get a whiff.


      The plural of anecdote is not data.

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