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11946Re: [Unity_Games] June Top 10 Games....Including Fan Letters

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  • Craig Massey
    Jul 2, 2002
      --- Pitt Crandlemire <pittc@...> wrote:
      > >Two games spring to mind - Ra and Web of Power.
      > OK, Ra still sucks with more than 3 players but it's
      > OK with 3 (but, with
      > 3, why would you play Ra when you could play Wer Hat
      > Mehr?/Where's Bob's
      > Hat? or Schnaeppchen Jagd?).

      Trick taking game verses auction game makes it tough
      to compare them.

      > You're so easily satisfied. With my abysmal card
      > drawing luck even Jenn
      > could own me in this game! (OK, Jenn could own me
      > for a song anyway but
      > that's not the point...) GMT did a nice job with
      > the game and it surely is
      > a classic but color me blue, as in Clippers
      > blue-on-blue. I'll take the
      > game without the luck, thank you very much.

      The excuse of last resort - blame it on bad luck.
      I'll play either game. I'm not sure if I prefer one
      over the other as I enjoy them both quite a bit. For
      the record, I beat Pitt in a game of Clippers too.

      Craig W. Massey

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