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11940Re: [Unity_Games] June Top 10 Games....Including Fan Letters

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  • Pitt Crandlemire
    Jul 1, 2002
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      At 12:52 PM 7/1/02 -0700, Craig Massey wrote:
      >Mr. Moron is looking for simple and it just so happens
      >that I have the perfect solution. Try Mause Ralleye.

      Just so everyone has the opportunity to get the same enjoyment we have, you
      should all know that we play a) with one mouse apiece instead of three; you
      play the cat as soon as your first (and only) mouse takes a dive, and b) we
      also now play without putting the cheese cup in the center of the board,
      making for a huge hole in the middle and a much more pussy-friendly game
      (which is a good thing).

      >I'm recommending Wallenstein again. I'm enjoying this
      >more each time I play it. Anyone who doesn't like
      >this is a mental case.

      True, true. But he was a mental case before he played Wallenstein.

      >Two games spring to mind - Ra and Web of Power.

      OK, Ra still sucks with more than 3 players but it's OK with 3 (but, with
      3, why would you play Ra when you could play Wer Hat Mehr?/Where's Bob's
      Hat? or Schnaeppchen Jagd?). WoP is still great and the 2-player expansion
      worked very well (Hint: cloisters = good, diplomats = not so good).

      >Your in luck. You can now get a classic gaming
      >experience at a fraction of the price by buying Santa
      >Fe Rails. This is a reissue of an older game of
      >Alan's - Santa Fe. This one has been updated by GMT
      >games. I've had the chance to play it twice now and
      >in addition to enjoying it, I've discovered that I own
      >Pitt in this game. Good times.

      You're so easily satisfied. With my abysmal card drawing luck even Jenn
      could own me in this game! (OK, Jenn could own me for a song anyway but
      that's not the point...) GMT did a nice job with the game and it surely is
      a classic but color me blue, as in Clippers blue-on-blue. I'll take the
      game without the luck, thank you very much.

      >Reel Schpeel is more of a true trivia game, but one
      >that is very accessible, especially for fans of the
      >silver screen. It has a charades element that keeps
      >it a lot of fun. This is an older game that as a
      >movie fan, I should have tried much sooner.

      I can't believe I hadn't tried it either, especially since the designer
      (Mary Couzin) is a friend and a dynamo in support of independent designers.
      More info here: http://www.moviegame.com/

      >People Magazine Game (Pitt can confirm the title)

      I was prepared not to like it given that I don't care for People Magazine.
      However, I think it plays very well, has one really innovative mechanic,
      and a cool and innovative timer. Patch Products (TriBond, Malarky, Talkin'
      Tango, Three For All) succeeds again. The game should be available soon.
      More info here: http://www.patchproducts.com/Catalog/peoplegm.HTM

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