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11741Re: [Unity_Games] a-yard-salin'

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  • Eric Shultz
    Jun 4, 2002
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      Well, best of luck. We could be neighbors soon. We
      have friends on Buena Vista drive who got really
      excited about Carcassonne. The trouble is, all our
      friends have kids aged baby to Kindergarten. It's a
      little hard to go gaming when you're exhausted by 8

      We're going to try for a gaming session (with our kids
      awake!) Sunday. The session report will probably read
      like this:

      Played for 3 hours. Almost finished one game of
      Carcassonne. We're not sure who won because the
      scoring track kept getting tipped over and the tiles
      scattered. Broke up 16 fights over toys, played 2
      Disney videos, handed out 57 crackers, filled 8 sippy
      cups of juice, and breastfed twice.

      Someday I'll visit Mark's house without the kids, or
      Barnes and Nobles. I'd love to be able to relax a
      little as I play.


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