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11705Re: [Unity_Games] SR: B2O 5/31/02

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  • Susan Dohnim
    Jun 1, 2002
      Comments 'n Corrections:

      >From: "Adam Smiles" <adamsmiles@...>
      >Werewolf (13 players)
      > I moderated. The village shrank to just 3 people when the last werewolf
      >was caught. Nick played the vengeful werewolf. He had is head handed to
      >him in the game of Puerto Rico he played before werewolf. His first
      >Richard who won Puerto Rico. His second victim, Kellie who came in Second
      >at Puerto Rico. His third victim, Kyle was 4th in Puerto Rico, but was
      >starting to catch on the to the PR victim strategy. Kyle was also the seer
      >and 2 or 3 times picked the same person as the werewolves each night.

      Actually, I wasn't in that game of Puerto Rico, but I *did* call the PR
      victim strategy the very first day (the day after Richard was killed). It
      earned Nick a quick vote, but somehow he talked himself out of insta-death.
      Though I died, I am glad that the villagers kept him in mind at the end :).

      >Sleuth (7 players)
      > Probably not what we should have gone to at 1:30 AM, but there were not
      >many suggestions for a 7 player games (alternatives were bohananza and
      >frank's zoo). Most of our brains were jelly. It was still a good game
      >despite the late hour. Kyle took a guess and was succesful. I look
      >to trying the game when I am completely awake.

      "Guess" my pasty white ass :). Great game, though -- and now that we all
      have a better idea of how to keep track of things, I'd love to play it

      >Thanks again to Dave T and Scholars for providing the gaming space and
      >munchies. I'm sure others will fill in comments on the games I didn't

      And they need to provide more 3-Musketeers! Who should we bug about it?


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