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11394RE: [Unity_Games] My April Top Ten

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  • Matthew Horn
    May 2 7:50 AM
      I'll vouch for the "Schlosser" effect.

      I experienced something similar with Rick Thornquist. He was so enthusiastic about teaching and playing Volldampf, that I ranked it my favorite game of the week.

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      From: David Fontes [mailto:dfontes@...]
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      Subject: [Unity_Games] My April Top Ten

      I kinda like the idea of a top ten of the month, and since I did play a LOT
      of different games in April, this might be my only chance to have a relevant
      contribution. So, here they are:

      10a. Dune. Any month when I play Dune, it will be in my top ten for the
      month, but mainly I want to highlight some of the newer (released in the
      past decade, anyway!) games I played, so Dune gets the special "10a" slot.

      10. Goldland. Although we didn't actually get to finish the one game I
      played in, I quite enjoyed it. I'm a sucker for good theme, and this game
      definitely has that. I don't find it fiddly at all, which was one of the
      complaints I heard about it. The only issue I have is that there is definite
      downtime between turns, but when it is actually your turn it's fun!

      9. Transamerica. Not much to say about this one, really. It's light. It's
      quick. It's fun.

      8. Lord of the Rings card game. Not that new, but still new to me. Samurai
      was the first "German" game I ever played, and holds a special place in my
      heart. LotR has definite Samurai-like elements, and that's a good thing.
      Plus it's got several little clever differences from Samurai. It's got a
      great blend of tactical and strategic gameplay in it, I think. A definite
      winner for me.

      7. Auweier. This is a funny little card game, where the players are male
      birds trying to woo female birds with offerings of worms. Again, this wins
      on the theme alone, but it's also a fun and interesting _game_ as well. A
      caveat: this was the first game I ever played with Greg Schloesser, and he
      was wildly enthusiastic about it. So, I'm not entirely sure if the game was
      lots of fun, or if gaming with Greg was where all the fun came from!

      6. X-Bugs. It's just silly fun. And it works much better on felt than on a

      5. Hick Hack in Gackelwack. This game is consistently fun, and will likely
      be in the running for most-played game of 2002 for me. It's quick, easy to
      teach (whichever ruleset you decide to use!) and appeals to non-gamers - a
      big plus for me, since most of my local friends are not terribly serious
      about gaming.

      4. Fruit Fight. A home-made game designed by Kris Gould, who taught me the
      game in Columbus. It is kind of a blind resource allocation, set-collecting
      game with some neat ways of screwing up other players. It was also my first
      pick off the prize table, and since the "board" arrived in the mail this
      week, I will be pushing this at B20 on Friday.

      3. Tal der Konige. An evil evil game. Lots of player interaction, mainly in
      the form of bluff, back-stabbing, and outright thievery. This was an
      absolute hoot to play!

      2. Crystal Vision. A prototype game from Alan Ernstein that I played at the
      Gathering. Not sure what kind of detail I can go into on this one, so I
      won't say much. It's a trading, set-collecting, stock-markety sort of game,
      and it was great fun. I will be keeping an eye out for this one. I hope it
      gets published!

      1. Star Wars Queen's Gambit. Richard taught me this game in Columbus. I tend
      to prefer multi-player games over two-player games, but cripes, this was
      just soooo much fun! It's a pure dice-fest, but it's got great bits, and
      once again, it's got a great theme going for it. It sure was fun making
      Gungan Jelly of Richard's troops on the combat field, even while he was
      hacking Darth Maul in two and splattering robotic cyberbrains around the
      royal palace!

      And that is that...
      David Fontes http://www.mmiusa.com/ookpik/ <http://www.mmiusa.com/ookpik/>

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