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11384FW: [Unity_Games] SR: KNOB April 30

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  • Kornfeld, Lewis A
    May 1, 2002
      I think the quick little train game is called Trans-America. Joe help us out
      here as it is your game. IT was a great little game. I found when we all
      started in the middle of the US and worked our way out to our out lying
      destination cities we tended to race against each other at the end as we
      frantically raced to our last city, since the city cards were kept secret we
      could only guess how close everyone was to their last city until someone
      announced they were connected to all 5 cities. In the last round several of
      us started on the coast and then worked into the middle. I tried that as did
      Anthony and I think it worked better for Anthony then it did for me as
      Anthony was the first to get all 5 cities. Mark tried something interesting
      where he put his starting piece in between 2 cities which meant we did not
      know any of his cities. The rest of us were starting in one of the cities we
      needed to connect with. Definitely a game I want to play again and add to my

      As for Puerto Rico, actually my score was 31. No one believed me when I said
      I was far behind. The surprise at the end of the game was Anthony announcing
      the he had beaten Joe by 1 point. I think we had all been thinking that it
      was between Joe and Mark for top score. After the game there was a
      discussion about whether or not the Hospice building was to much of an
      advantage to the holder. I think it a great boost early on to get a colonist
      on every plantation you add in the settlers round, it can just leave the
      other players in the dust. Note the players who had the Hospice were Anthony
      and Joe. The first game I played of Puerto Rico I had a Hospice and I came
      in second in that game instead of a distance last. It might be interesting
      to hear how many people out there have won Puerto Rico with and without the
      Hospice building. I think Puerto Rico is a great game and am looking forward
      to playing it again, maybe with fewer people to see how that changes the
      game dynamics.

      Mark wrote:
      Train Game: (everyone but Anthony who came late)
      I wish I could remember the name of this as I rather liked it. Joe taught it
      to us in a very short time and we leaped in. The game is played in rounds
      with the results of each round dropping you further down a negative scale
      depending on how well you perform. The goal is to link all five of your US
      cities by rail before your opponents do the same. The catch is that all
      track laid is shared - if an opponent lays track to your city that counts as
      long as you're connected to that section somehow. The challenge is to make
      your opponents do as much work for you as possible, without letting them get
      away with the win. This is a fast-paced, fairly light game and was somewhat
      reminiscent of Uno. While strategy seems nearly impossible with 6+ players,
      I imagine that there's a lot more you could think your way through if you
      were only playing with 2 or 3. Definitely a good starter game and a nice one
      to teach to a new crowd. Nice bits, too. Joe won after three rounds, but I
      was able to win one round and thus didn't feel completely hopeless.

      Puerto Rico: all but Sue and Eric
      This was my first time playing Puerto Rico and I really enjoyed it. There's
      a lot to take in, but once you get into the rhythm of the game it's not too
      hard to figure out. It has a lot of the elements of Princes of Florence, but
      a lot more player interaction - a good thing. There are also multiple ways
      to win which I think will really increase the replayabilty factor. I got an
      early lead in indigo and tobacco, but was crowded out by the coffee and
      sugar farmers fairly early on. Joe and Anthony were able to use their
      superior knowledge of the various buildings to draw ahead slightly and try
      as we might, the rest of us were never able to catch up. That said, the
      final scores were awfully close:
      Anthony 51
      Joe 50
      Mark 45
      Andrew 44
      Lewis 39 (really 31)

      I liked this and will probably end up picking up my own copy sometime. I'd
      like to try it with three or four players first, though.

      KNOB returns next week, same bat-time, same bat-channel...


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