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10884RE: [Unity_Games] SR: B2O March 1, 2001

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  • Matthew Horn
    Mar 3, 2002
      Industrial Waste
      Yep, we missed the rule about not being able to produce goods when you are at 16 in the waste category, too. I know Andrew wanted to try it but we were 1/2 through by the time he arrived.

      Like Palmyra, IW represents a slice of an economic system, and the game itself feels a little dry to me. I compare IW to Palmyra, a game that has some cool elements but isn't quite satisfying. I think either one of these would work really well if the systems were plugged into a larger game like Civilization.

      I look forward to playing IW again, though/

      Mamma Mia:
      Matt Gray wrote:
      >>Best "memory game" ever. :-) This also works well with younger
      >>(pre-teen) kids very well, and is enjoyable for all parties.

      I have to agree. This is a really cool little game and I can't wait to play it again. besides, the starting player is "hungriest".

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      > We started the evening with Industrial Waste.
      > I reached a point in the game where I was at
      > maximum waste and figured that I would just run at full capacity since
      > couldn't generate any more waste than I already had.

      In our first game we missed a rule it sounds like you may have missed
      as well: If you do not have the capacity to store the waste by
      producing an order, you may not produce the order. I think this makes
      it a better (if somewhat longer) game.

      I also played a game of IW this weekend, and also lost due to
      insufficient waste management. Not a lot of recycling cards coming up
      late in the game. After 4 plays (3x4p, 1x2p), I'm still pretty
      pleased with this game. Very strategic, barely tactical, engaging and
      fun. Despite there being not a lot of player interaction, the game is
      much better with 4 than with 2, though it's not bad to learn/play with
      2, but I wouldn't pull it out as a 2 player very often.

      > The next new game I learned was Mama Mia. Very fitting since Matt and
      I had
      > just pizza for dinner. Alison was a great teacher and the game was
      > interesting. I made no pizzas the first round, but made a strong
      > in round 2. I don't remember who won, but I'd love to play it again,
      > may even purchase a copy myself.
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