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10883Re: [Unity_Games] SR: B2O March 1, 2001

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  • Susan Dohnim
    Mar 3, 2002

      Kyle's Modern Art bidding was a *little* wild, and while it seemed out of
      whack, it had a purpose. Hey, I came in third.

      I'll be writing an essay entitled "Bidding in Modern Art: How I Learned to
      Stop Worrying and Love the Krypto" later this week. I'm sure you are all on
      the edge of your seats :). The gist is that I disagree with you and Campbell
      that the "ideal" bid is one in which you are bidding half of what you think
      the piece of art will be worth.

      For instance, I caught a lot of grief in the last round for bidding 43 on a
      Gitter that I thought would sell for 60 (but ended up selling for 70). It
      was perfectly rational . . . but I'll save that for the essay :).

      Kyle who is not Susan

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