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10877Re: [Unity_Games] Evolution of Hick Hack Rules (was Re: Top 10 February Games - A Retrospective)

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  • Matthew Gray
    Mar 2, 2002
      > >February Version (no guarantee this is final or right, but I'm
      > >following Pitt's lead)
      > >1. Final score is the value of your corn and the remain bird cards in
      > >your hand and in your score pile
      > >2. Birds captured by foxes go into your score pile - not your hand
      > >3. shy birds (poo piles) can be captured by foxes
      > >
      > >Pitt can you confirm or deny?
      > That's the correct version.

      Both the funagain translation and the BGG translation claim you don't
      count cards in your hand toward your score.

      The German is a little ambiguous:

      "Nun zahlt jeder seine gesammelten Korner (unterschiedliche Werte je
      Farbe beachten!) und Geflugel (je nach Kartenwert) zusammen."

      which basically says "Now each player totals his grain (different
      colors are worth different values) and fowl (the worth of each card)

      It doesn't explicitly exclude cards in your hand, but it doesn't
      explicitly include them. Further, the rules state that you put grain
      and fowl your foxes eat in your "Nahrungsvorrat" or "nutrition
      supply". Then, after the rule about totaling up points: "Der Spieler
      mit den meisten Siegpunkten hat seinent Hunger am dauerhaftesten
      gestillt..." which is "The player with the most points has satiated
      his hunger the best..." implying that only "eaten" cards/grain count
      toward your points.

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