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10876Evolution of Hick Hack Rules (was Re: Top 10 February Games - A Retrospective)

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  • karlvonl.geo
    Mar 2, 2002
      --- In Unity_Games@y..., Richard Spoonts <Richard_BOS@y...> wrote:
      > The most recent rules I have played by state that
      > birds in the hand score nothing. Only birds captured
      > by a fox and placed in the score pile score any
      > points.

      But "a bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush". Assuming that the
      foxes are hiding the chicken carcasses in a bush, which is the score
      pile, then this either means that chickens in the score pile are
      worth double their face value, or they are worth exactly 2 points
      each. We need some clarification on this.
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